Chronic Fatigue — Energize Your Body's Natural Healing Systems

We are designed to fight off natural infections and diseases from time to time, but when that natural immunity becomes chronic fatigue is when things begin to go wrong for us.

There is a disease waking within us, but it is hidden from our own naked eyes.

All of us have a vital central nervous system, which is designed to create a feeling of well-being in its host. Nevertheless, in those who have chronic fatigue there is a wild imbalance, and the nervous system is hard to regulate, leading to raw nerve ending. As we have already stated, chronic fatigue is a consequence of imbalances in the vital central nervous system.

If we are suffering from chronic fatigue, every organ in our body is affected. The kidneys provide filtration and detoxification of the blood and lymph fluids. The liver is in charge of elimination of fats from the body. Fibromyalgia patients must eliminate a toxic load of residues from their cells and tissues. All of these organs and processes are loading their body with toxins.

Eliminations can be highly effective in the elderly, who have typically used their body more than the bodies' maximum capability, but in the chronic fatigue patient, the abundance of toxins in the body can be overwhelming, and it is not unusual for many of them to feel like their body is on a roller coaster — up and down — with emotions in between.

Of course, whether you are an elderly person or a person with chronic fatigue, your body does not work this way. Your body is designed to be a robust organism, designed to protect each section of your organism with all-around function.

Cleaning and rebuilding your nervous system will enhance your body's ability to function throughout life. Learning how to raise your nervous system will make you a better person.

The sun also has a lot to do with your body. The sunlight, available over the earth in a vast expanse, contains some of the things that add and wonderful to your body. Sunshine is your friend.

Let me tell you, thousands of years ago, the human body was much more active. We were constantly moving, growing, and expanding. Our bodies knew what to do with excess fat. It was used to store fat, suppress immunity, and store away lean muscle.

But with the onset of closer and closer contact with computers and electronics, our bodies have lost their exercise. More and more, we sit or stand throughout our day, following pre-programmed instructions, and coming into our offices where machine after machine, after machine churns out our lives.

You think to yourself: “I'm sturdy.” You tell yourself that you are strong. But the internal monitoring that your body keeps track of, watch for patterns, and if there are pre-programmed triggers coming about, then your body is actually using up its energy to deal with them.